How do I use the Owl balcony systems?

Owl Lava 20 can be used in new constructions or the refurbishment of all types of balconies, steps or walkways. Ensure substrate is clean and dry before starting. 

Step. 1 Prime

Step. 2 Apply Lava 20 system. 

Step. 3 Apply a clear coat of Lava 20 with quartz or PVA flakes to create a stylish non slip surface. 



What colours does the balcony systems come in?

Owl balcony systems come in a variety of colours and can be mixed to give all sorts of multi coloured finishes.

Are the balcony systems non slip?

Yes Owl Balcony systems have excellent slip resistance, with a standard slip resistance rating of 70 Owl balcony systems far exceed the slip resistance safety standards so rest assured you are very safe with Owl.