Does the Owl Lava 20 system require a primer?

Even though Lava 20 is very sticky a coat of Lava 20 Primer is recommended on all substrates.

What can Owl Lava 20 be used on?

The Lava 20 system from Owl can be used in a variety of applications including new builds or the refurbishment of all types of flat roofing, balconies, terraces, walkways, car parks, podium deck, wet rooms, swimming pools.

How do I treat joints on OSB or Plywood?

Use Owl PU mastic on all joints. Allow 2 - 3 mil expansion joints between boards and fill with Owl PU mastic. Cover the joints with 4 inch duct tape to act as a bond breaker prior to apply the Owl Lava 20 system.

What is the application rate Owl Lava 20 on a new build flat roof?

Owl Lava 20 application rates vary depending on required outcome.

A 10 year system is a one coat application: apply 1.8 kg per square meter. 

A 20 year system is two coat application: apply 3kg per square meter. First coat is applied at a rate of 1.8 kg per square meter and the second 1.2kg per square meter.

Allowing 10% extra for waste is recommended.