How do I use this product?

Step. 1 Clean the roof with a jet washer

Step. 2 If any, repair holes and weak joints with Owl Flashing Grade or Owl Roof silicone coating embedded in Owl Roof Polyester fabric.

Step. 3 Coat the entire area with Owl Roof silicone coating as required. Thats it, job done.

What can Owl Roof be used on?

Owl Roof can be used on most substrates including felt, asphalt, single ply, concrete, metals, TPO, EPDM and more.

What happens if it rains on the coating after application?

Dont worry your new coating will be fine as it is moisture cured (this means it dries even under water).

How long will my Owl Roof last?

Your in good hands with Owl; our products will outperform other coatings lasting many years and holds a 20 year product guarantee.

Do I need a primer?

Owl Roof will adhere to most substrates including felt, asphalt, metal and more without primer.

Substrates that require primer are: Single Ply, PVC, TPO and EPDM.

How much Owl Roof do I need for my roof?

One litre of Owl Roof roughly covers one square meter, however Owl Roof application rate is job specific so if your roof is porous you may require more material. If you are any in doubt regarding quantities contact the Owl Waterproofing technical sales team.


1 gallon of Owl Roof will typically cover a 5 m2.

2 gallons of Owl Roof will typically cover 10 m2.