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Trims & Accessories

We stock a range of trims, tapes and accessories to suit every type of waterproofing system we offer. 


Mastic and Reinforced Polyurethane -> Owl PU Mastic for joints and splits and Lava 20 Detail the fibre reinforced Lava 20

Reinforcing Tapes -> 2 inch and 4 inch self adhering butyl tape and a 4 inch and 6 inch polyester reinforcing fabric. 

Trims -> Drip edge trims, Raised edge trims, Wall fillet pieces, Corner pieces (internal & external) and more. 



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Owl PU Mastic and Guns

Fill holes and joints easy with Owl PU mastic. 
Versatile waterproofing product that has many applications. 

Reinforcing Tapes

Owl Waterproofing offers a wide range of proven tapes for use in our waterpoofing systems. 



We stock a range of trims to suit every type of flat roof construction. 

- Drip edge trims

- Raised edge trims

- Wall fillet pieces

- Corner pieces (internal & external) 

- Rolled rib and closure for standing seam effect