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Owl Waterproofing carpark decking solution is a high performance, fast-setting waterproofing system that protects concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures from deterioration by water and chloride ions.

Applying carpark decking. Our carpark decking solution is roller or spray-applied and designed to be a water and chemical-resistant coating with added abrasion and slip resistance. It can be applied to virtually any surface, including horizontal and vertical, to form a tough abrasion resistant membrane that is durable enough to accommodate most normal movement contained within structures of all types.



Some benifits of the Owl Waterproofing carpark system:

  • Rapid application and curing; quick curing properties allow it to be walked upon in under 20 minutes.
  • 100% effective waterproofing that lasts for years
  • Heavy duty throughout when applied to all areas.
  • Weather tolerant; applied in the widest range of climatic conditions and temperatures.
  • Excellent adhesion; bonds to almost all substrates.
  • Can be applied vertically as well as horizontally, making it ideal for all types of applications.
  • Excellent elasticity; tests of crack bridging at 2 mm achieved.
  • Lightweight; minimises dead load when compared to asphalt systems.
  • Ease of detailing and day works joints; seamless, liquid system provides easy application.
  • Easy to repair; damages can be repaired easily.
  • 10 year independent insurance backed guarantee available.
  • Can be steam cleaned and degreased.
  • Long service life; excellent resistance to ageing, UV, abrasion, weathering and chemical attacks.


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